After checking some of the other candidates, InstaBuilder was a breath of fresh air. It comes with many options & features, but it manages to keep everything very simple & organized in an easy to use interface.

InstaBuilder is a plugin which works with almost any WordPress site and you may still use your usual theme for your site any any additional pages, in the event that you so choose. To turn some of your pages to an InstaBuilder revenue page or squeeze page, then you just sign up a box in the page editor. Leave it un-ticked, and also the normal page (according to your Topic) will be displayed.

The Fantastic Stuff

Simplicity of use is a huge strength of the item and with hardly any exceptions, so it is possible to readily get a hang of all its features without having to examine directions. The template layouts and page components are usually well designed and all of the webpages made using InstaBuilder are mobile responsive.

In addition to all, the plugin includes lots of nice extras, like a feature that lets you include a societal sharing “lock” for your own content like WP Sharely, an animated countdown timer for time limited offers, an exit-redirect function plus a basic but functional split-testing attribute.

Overall, InstaBuilder creates an excellent impression and it is a joy to use.

The Bad Stuff

It is a fantastic thing that many users will likely not need directions, since the tutorial movies are slow and narrated with a robot that is squishy. They are unbearable, very honestly.

I was amazed to realize there aren’t any pre-styled headline or headlines short codes. Instead, you’ve got drop-down menus which permit you to select from an assortment of fonts and font sizes. Content dividers can also be missing from the image, as are committed testimonial fashions.

These aren’t catastrophic omissions, since you’re still able to get the outcome you need, but they really do imply it may be somewhat tricky to find the formatting and styling of a webpage only right, with this plugin.

In the long run, all these are minor problems having an otherwise very great item.

OptimizePress 2.0

OptimizePress is the granddaddy of all the products in the review & OptimizePress 2.0 is the latest installment of this sales-page, launch funnel, squeeze page & membership page builder. In the latest version, you could get OptimizePress either as a standalone theme/as a plugin to run alongside your existing theme.

The Fantastic Stuff

The brand new OptimizePress does a better job of balancing a massive variety of alternatives with great transparency, compared to OP1 did. Do not get me wrong: there are choices for each detail on your own pages and that could still be rather overpowering. But as a result of the way everything is presented with incremental wizards, you will no longer have hit on the head with a million options you do not presently require.

As a result of the many accessible templates, you may even produce nice looking pages without needing to dive too deep into each of the choices (if you don’t wish to).

The editing procedure is slow, as you’re going to be clicking a multi-step magician and typically working in several pop up boxes piled on top of one another, for each and every element that you would like to add to a webpage. While it is not perfect, it is easier than working with a massive mess of codes in the normal WP editor.

The Bad Stuff

I upgraded this review a while after originally writing it and also the crucial thing is that the editor: while I said that it was somewhat slow in the initial inspection, I discovered that it was simply too slow to use for long periods of time. I would dread really having to make a complete sales page with it ended up preventing using OP2 anyplace in my own business, for this reason.

You are no longer restricted to easy, single-column webpages, which is a really good thing. Overall, the layout hasn’t moved forward as as the other aspects of the item, however. A few of the templates seem quite old-timey (at least in relation to “Internet time”) and that I get the impression that a lot of it’s going to begin looking little dated shortly.

Additionally, I noticed that the webpage rate and rate scores were around the lower end, in contrast to the choices. Thinking about the sheer number of features accessible, it will not surprise me that OP2 is slowed down from code-bloat.

Regrettably, it’s fairly badly disappointed from the visual editor.


When the plugin is installed, there is a brand new content type you are able to create, known as “Landing Pages”. You are able to create and edit distinct landing page fashions in the options menu and then produce and edit as many different landing pages as you need (that could be lead creation pages, revenue pages or subscription content pages).

The Fantastic Stuff

Premise includes a huge number of unique images you can use to your own pages and offers a lot more variety than some of those other goods, in this respect. The images include the typical icons and buttons, but also consist of many hand-drawn arrows and all kinds of icons. This really is a superb addition for any non-designers who do not have the funds to employ pay or designers for commercial usage rights for a variety of images.

I also enjoy how they have built in a societal share gating attribute. As a additional bonus, it is possible to load illustration copy to your landing pages to use as a principle and you receive access to a copywriting tutorials.

The Bad Stuff

By way of instance, when establishing a landing page design, you are only presented with dozens upon dozens of input areas. A few of those input fields aren’t well tagged either, so it is unclear what you are supposed to enter or just what will change when you do that.

Attempting to make a great design utilizing this way isn’t a pleasant job.

The next problem is to do with expectations. As for me, I really enjoy the design of this Premise product site. I presumed that Premise would let me create similarly trendy looking pages.

Sadly, this isn’t true. Even when you dive deep to the customization choices, I really don’t find any way where you can replicate the Premise web site utilizing the Premise plugin. And that is a shame as what I am saying is: webpages made with Premise won’t ever look that great. The display page provides you a reasonable idea about what could be accomplished with the plugin, however.

I was also surprised to find that while there’s a massive choice of pictures to pick from, additional styling options like articles boxes, testimonial boxes, material dividers etc., are either very limited or entirely missing.

Premise is still a good solution, but it struggles to warrant its steep cost.



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