Is Octosuite a Scam?

No, But as You Think things Might Not Run as Smooth.

Overview of Octosuite

Octosuite by Luke Maguire. A tool that’s capable of doing”complete management, mass automation, and engagement that will send your
fan pages and groups viral without ever having to post an update again.”

As they say it does does Octosuite really work? Is Octosuite a scam?

It isn’t but recent developments and changes within Facebook’s algorithm have made things challenging for the technical folks at

I will explain to you how you are affected by these changes and you may then make your mind up whether or not it’s a fit option
for your needs.

How Much does the Octosuite Membership cost?

There are three membership options available.

The membership options of Octosuite

There’s the,

Octosuite Ocean Edition $47 (One Time Fee)
Octosuite Basic Edition $37/Year

I decided to go the Octosuite Ocean Edition, for the $47 package.

What got me excited about this choice, is the fact it is a lifetime membership and I would not have to pay anything extra again,

I signed up for another automobile poster prior to using Octosuite.

Considering what Octosuite offered, it looked like I would be bagging the bargain of the century.

Let me show you EXACTLY what you get-An overview of the octosuite features

You get access

Facebook Page Finder
Facebook Discover
Twitter Trends
YouTube Trends
YouTube Search
Royalty Free Images
Reddit Feature

Just what are these features all about and how do they work?

The Facebook Page Finder, first up
The Octosuite Facebook Page Finder

This feature permits you to find fan pages that are popular around a selected interest. Let’s say that you want to search for fan
pages around the’baseball game’ for instance. Is type in the term’baseball,’ and this is the result you’d get.

You will notice at the bottom, there are three tabs,’DISCOVER CONTENT, VISIT PAGE and ANALYZE AUDIENCE.”

The VISIT PAGE is self-explanatory.

One would be given a breakdown of by the ANALYZE AUDIENCE.

Octosuite analyse audience

The DISCOVER CONTENT reveals content such as pictures or videos that are contained within that specific fan page.

Here you are able to, watch EDIT, the VIDEO, DOWNLOAD, POST SHARE.

However, this feature does not work and I will discuss the shortcomings later on.

Twitter Trends

This functionality makes it easy for you to discover what is currently trending as or globally per location.


Allows you the option of checking out the latest videos that are currently trending this channel.

You can break down your search by state if you prefer.

What is the purpose?

You Tube Search

This functionality allows you also to see which videos are being watched often and to perform a search.

What is NOT included in the Octosuite Ocean Edition?

You Don’t get access

IMAGE EDITOR– allows you to customize before posting to Fan Pages or your groups, images,

What is not included in the octosuite ocean edition

You will have to buy licenses to unlock these features.

What is the main purpose of a car poster?

To save you time, right? So, the big question here is,”does with Octosuite save time?”

As I have mentioned earlier on, there are a couple of hiccups in regards to using this software.

Allow me to show you how the most important role of auto-posting works.

Does Octosuite work?

To do your auto-posting, you would want to head over.

After you’ve written out your AD Copy (on anything you want to talk about) you can end it off with a link. The final step would be
to add an image or media and your post is all set and ready to go!

Pretty easy! so far!

Now you choose the groups that you would wish to post to. Then schedule the time period delay you want to apply when posting them.
I select 2 minutes.

I find that by setting up for 2minutes, it’s fine and is beneath the radar.

So, where’s the problem?

After You’re all set and ready to post and you click on the post button, this is the answer that you get from

Now, this has not always been the problem. The support from OCTOSUITE tells me that since FB had updated their algorithms, you’re
unable to” post pictures.

What can you do? There are two choices.

Option One — Post with no images- . Imagine you’ve got no image and a killer ad. Besides, having an image will boost your post


Option Two — as suggested by Octosuite Use the skip option.

What is this bypass alternative?

To post your picture to your FAN PAGES first, and then use it to be shared by Octosuite to your planned groups and the problem is

This requires for you to perform additional steps. This would mean that you would need a FAN page. And secondly, you will need to
send your pictures to them .

Anyhow, after using two ready or a post and sorting out your Fan page, it’s time to put Octosuite.

That is when problem number two comes up. I found that my post had NOT been sent to my groups, after going through all these

I kept on refreshing(probably around 10 times and no-where can I see my article.)

What does support have to say about all of this?

The Support at Octosuite- They are First Class

From day one, I had support urgently and they’d come to my rescue.

You see when I purchased the” license, I made the mistake of registering my email address with Octosuite.

The email address that I needed to register with, was the one that I had my Facebook account with.

In a state of panic, thinking that I would have to spend an extra 47bucks, I contacted support, holding thumbs that it would get
sorted out.

Low and behold, not even 24 hours had gone by, and this is the answer that I’d received.

How great is the Octosuite support?

Octosuite sent me a brand new license key.

As for’the group posting to fan pages dilemma’, they say that they are working on it, and expect to get it sorted out.

Here is some comments from Luke Maguire on the Octosuite VIP Facebook Group

The Octosuite VIP Group

Allow me to highlight the main points of the software.

Wealthy Affiliate Banner


No need to download software- everything is online
Once off license fee(with the ocean edition)
Good Support


Software doesn’t run smooth
Certain upsells(optional)
No Trial
Works on PC rather than MAC

My Final Verdict of Octosuite

Is Octosuite a scam? The truth of the matter isthat there was a time when I had just joined when Octosuite functioned superbly.

Posting to classes was a pleasure and I got great results. In all fairness, I don’t feel that Octosuite is a scam.

As we talk, I am unable to say that it’s remained the same. Don’t get me wrong, I am not blaming the men at Octosuite. They say
that they are currently focusing on finding a way and I figure we need to be patient.

But until then, where does it leave you?

Well, at this point in time I have resorted to posting my ads manually onto Facebook. I know what you’re saying, that’it takes
some time,’ But, if you set time, like an hour or so, you will be amazed at how many groups you can post to, using 2-minute

Is there any Facebook automobile poster out there that you could use? Well, I’m trialing one out at the moment, if it live up to
expectations, you’ll be the first to know.

Do check up to time.

If you are still interested in assessing out Octosuite follow on the link below to take you straight to the pages.


Have you tried an auto poster in your business marketing? What was your experience like?

Would you give a go to an auto poster?

Would like to hear from you.

If you have found this article helpful please discuss it with your family and friends in your preferred social media platform

Thanks so for much for your time.


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