Jungle Scout Review

Among the challenges with people that are new to online marketing face is choosing the right niche to pursue. 1 tool which
promises to make this procedure a bit easier is Jungle Scout. Within this Jungle Scout review, I will be looking at if the tool is
a sound investment, or if you would be better off looking elsewhere for market research help.

What Is Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is a tool which promises to be able to help you select a niche that is profitable the first time on Amazon. It does
this by allowing you access through a Web Program or Google Chrome extension to the Amazon sales database. The web app allows you
a little bit more of an insight to what is going on inside of categories on Amazon while the Chrome extension permits you to get
insight into categories and various products as you navigate them on the Amazon site.

The web app is slightly more expensive than the Chrome expansion, but the web app does provide significantly more insight into
lots of the analytics that you are going to need access to like overall category sales, pricing, and potential gaps in the market
in regards to product competition inside of categories.

Who’s It For?

Jungle Scout may be quite beneficial for various different folks that are wanting to do business. If you’re wanting to sell
through FBA on the Amazon platform, Jungle Scout is going to give you.

On the flipside, if you are wanting to make a new Amazon Associates niche site, Jungle Scout is going to give you the ability to
identify which categories are selling significant amounts of products so you can learn which ones would stand to have the maximum
profitability in regards to overall sales figures and commission percentages. As an affiliate marketer, even if you were to
combine the data inside of Jungle Scout then you can create without being an Amazon Associates niche website that could generate

One final group of people who would benefit from Jungle Scout’s use are individuals that are wanting to create an e-commerce shop
using Shopify. By taking the data inside of Jungle Scout, you’d know what products are selling well on Amazon, and then use that
data to make your own Shopify ecommerce shop that sells similar products in the category.

Again, there are two options. First, let’s look at the pricing available for the Scout web app. The web app is available as an
ongoing membership fee. There are three distinct options including standard startup and company levels.

In addition there are yearly membership options and monthly. A monthly startup membership is going to cost you $39 per month, the
one is $69 per month, and the business membership is a whopping $99 per month. Pricing for the very same bundles will set you back
$69 per month, billed in increments that are annual, $49 per month, or $29 per month. As you can see, the expenses of the web app
can end up being significant.

The Google Chrome extension for Jungle Scout on the other hand is priced out to be a one-time fee with unlimited access. There are
two choices available for the expansion including light and pro. Access to the version of the extension will cost you $97 versus
the $197 one-time cost of the Pro version. Thinking about the data that is available inside the extension versus the data
available inside the web app, the two options are still fairly pricey.

When all things are considered, if you are wanting to create any type of online business that is going to be dealing in physical
products, having the ability to see inside of the data of Amazon’s sales is something which could really help to boost your
success prices. The opportunity score inside the Chrome expansion is incredible and will offer you insights. Not only is this
going to tell you exactly how many sales there is a product becoming, it’s also going to let you see where folks are inclined to
spend their money inside of any kind on Amazon.

You could create products to market on Amazon itself via FBA, or you could simply create a niche site that focuses on boosting the
top-selling products inside of any niche on Amazon. Unfortunately, for access to this program at any level could be out of reach
because of the high costs associated with it.

While the data that it does supply could provide you a leg up when it comes to identifying the best niches to pursue, there are
other ways which you can determine whether a niche is worth entering without this data.

Pros and Cons of Jungle Scout


Opportunity Score Is Awesome
As stated above, having access allows you to know not only how much opportunity exists within any category inside of Amazon, but
also how many sales a product is making.

Being able to know how many sales a class or product gets in addition to knowing how to analyze competition is present inside of
the niche are amazing data points for affiliate marketing or e-commerce sales. This instrument can literally take the guesswork
out of whether or not a niche would be successful before you ever put any effort into trying to make sales.


Cost of Internet App for Those Just Getting Started
Unfortunately, the cost of the web app is a bit expensive for people who are just getting started with online business. If it’s
affordable for you, it is certainly.
Chrome App Is a Bit Pricey
With the data that is available inside the chrome app taken under account, it is a bit pricey even for established business
owners. While it can be beneficial to have access to the data, the data inside of the web app is more in depth and lets you have a
clearer picture of the overall profitability of any category on Amazon.

Regardless of whether you’re wanting to sell on Amazon through FBA, create a new Amazon Associates niche site or if you’re wanting
to make your own stores on Shopify, having the data available to you that Jungle Scout provides is going to give you a substantial
advantage over your competitors. For those people who are on a bit of a budget, buying the web app for a month or two to gain
access to the data it provides is definitely a good idea. For people who have the funds available, buying an annual membership in
addition to the chrome extension will be an investment that you’re sure to not regret.

The information contained inside the Jungle Scout platform can be priceless if you value your time. While other options exist for
niche or product choice, Jungle Scout takes a lot of the guesswork out of the equation from the word go.

Therefore, the ongoing subscription price to Jungle Scout may be difficult for new entrepreneurs. With that said, if you can
manage to subscribe for a few months to do niche research, it’s definitely a worthwhile investment. If you can spend a
subscription that is longer, it will pay for itself provided that you’re taking action and following a proven program that teaches
you the way to have the most success possible with internet marketing. Visit the Jungle Scout website for details

Combining it with a short subscription to Jungle Scout will give you a head start on succeeding with your business goals that are


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