Mockzign Review – Quick UX, Wireframe & Mockzign Prototyping Tool for Designers

The practice of wireframing can be totally non-tech stage of any app or web development, requiring only a skeletal outline of essential components, such as header, content navigation and footer area, to exemplify any interaction from a user. That said, it’s the most , yet underused that is important, stage of any project.

You can find more avenues than ever to sketch a wireframe, even most especially pen and paper (the most cost-effective and easiest way), but for the sake of this article we’ve concentrated on a new-born yet feature-rich instrument – Mockzign, with every component of the product covered in details. Let’s prototype away and read on!Mockzign Review -

As a new player in the field, Mockzign has emerged as a stand out so far in the orient supported. Rather than overemphasizing on functionalities, this design tool that is agile does give the highest priority, making anybody of every level can prototype faster, smarter and easier to user experience. Port and it’s user-centric interaction have gained an increasing number of global customers.

Specifications & Feature Highlights

One thing that UX programmer or designer have in common is that they keep looking out for new technologies though some people may prefer to go vanilla and make prototypes by hand using paper and pen. No one would like to utilize tool that is sophisticated if he/she can attain it. Following are a few highlighted features of Mockzign which will take your design process to the next level with least efforts.

1. Fully Visualized Interaction

Interaction design focuses on creating interface with well thought out behaviours. It is drag-and-drop based at Mockzign, which means that you can build prototypes in a visualized way, without a repetitive or calculation selection. As shown, the Link Point on every component is all about setting up components and a link between pages, regardless of in-page or cross page.

Let’s say we need to create a movable picture when the”Adjust” button is clicked. Click on the button component and then drag the link to the picture. Once done, a window will appear on the screen.

2. Ready-made Components

Pre-designed and greatly improve quality and components that are readily available will obviously reduce the overall design time. Over 200 ready-made elements especially designed to match both web and mobile programs, there are at Mockzign, making design.

Taking the”Scroll Box” for instance, it is possible to achieve scrolling for a web prototype by simple drag-and-drop. There is another effective way to set scrolling for prototype.

Prototype faster, easier, and smarter with Mockzign

3. New Features Wrapped in V2.19

Like many other tools on the marketplace, Mockzign keeps evolving with a cool set of new features added in every upgrade and improving. As for the version 2.19, you will find four spotlights that you should never overlook:

A. Around 3000 vector-based icons. A total of 3000 icons will be available for use, with 400 flat icons included and 2500 vector icons. All the icons are high-quality and support proportionally scale.

This type of command allows after the initial interaction occurs you restore the interaction. Only one touch of this button can revert back to your initial interaction, with that said.

You have a high profile view of page flows and select to export to various file forms, ranging from Tree View, Mind Map, to CSV (opened in Excel), Text as well as XML.

D. Copy text from demo package. The ability by dragging to copy all or only the selected text from the demonstration package marquee on the prototype page. It’s a time-saver for developers and UI designers.

You can choose a design for the Mockzign when rendering your layout. While theSketch design takes on a outlook style adopts shapes that are geometrically. Mockzign permits you to switch with ease between the two styles.

4. Multiple Alternatives to Preview

Does Mockzign let designers make prototypes of their desktop mobile or web programs, but also provides a view of prototypes on any device, in a web browser or on a mobile device using the Mockzign app for Android and iOS.

In the case that you need to make a demo for sketches that are finished, there are two flexible ways to choose: one way is by scanning the generated QR code, by publishing into the cloud, another way is. Undoubtedly, such a device preview will provide you feedback of a layout works on various screens.

Pricing Policy & Exclusive Offer

There will be an exclusive discount, although the subscription is priced at $20/mo.

If you happen to be a student, teacher or instructor who’s engaged in UI/UX alternative or design software design training related places, you can receive free trial of Mockzign Pro version. Submit your request and they will be back in touch.

Technical & Documentation Support

It is always important to have reliable documentation and technical support to direct your work. Rather than leaving clients in helpless and stranded, every user is treated by Mockzign as they treat their own family with efficiency and professionalism. It has been commended for responsive and educational support since the first inception.

For users who wish to address their problems independently, they can search and find page. Plus there is a string of videos awaiting for your own discovery.

Customer testimonials are an significant part the purchase journey, providing the kind of mass exposure that you may never have the ability to find via channels. Based on collected online reviews, a vast majority of people are happy with merchandise and service, with small remarks to discover.

Ari Arturo Velázquez Fierro, an interaction designer, stated”I’ve used the tool and I love the thought that making display view through QR code. I’m really happy with what I even begin recommending it to a number of my colleagues in the office and see. I love this app and it’s super easy-to-use I must say”.

Perhaps the biggest drawback of Mockzign is the absence. Also, it’s a non-web-based tool (because of the project file security) and may take some time for advanced features, such as elastic design.

Closing Notes – The Choice of Wireframing & Rapid Prototyping

The presence of Mockzign is like breathing fresh air with the ease of making ideas observable in an instant as there are focusing on functionality rather than usability. Additionally, educated service and the pricing make it an excellent choice for rapid prototyping and wireframing


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