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Whiteboard Animation Example
Explaindio Player is the very best and most affordable option for creating your own explainer videos and whiteboard sketch

Everybody is weaving and video is the hottest commodity in digital marketing right now it to feature on your site by creating web
videos specifically for advertising on Facebook and into their strategy.

Video as a medium retains peoples attention thus keeping them on your website for longer and is far more immersive than text and

Explainer videos and whiteboard sketch videos are one of the best ways help them know how whatever you’re currently selling works
and to educate your client.

For those who have ever wanted to start a YouTube channel as a means to generate an income online but look on camera and you don’t
need to show up then whiteboard videos are a terrific way to create content .

Mix these and you’ll be able to create a complete series of videos on YouTube around your current business and services or a

There are plenty of companies hiring a fantastic excellent designer can become very expensive and making large sums of explainer
animations and money selling whiteboard.

Using Fiverr is another alternative but at times the quality can differ and nothing beats having hands on control and doing it
over and over with unlimited edits for free.

Who’s Explaindio Player Video Animation for?

Explaindio Player allows you to make great explainer videos and media courses for business and pretty much any sort of training.
Listed here are people that could make decent use of Explaindio Player.

Social Media Marketers & Consultants
Online & social Influencers Celebrities
Educators & Tutorial Creators
LMS/Learning Management System websites
Web Designers & developers
Graphic Designers
Video producers or anybody already working with video
Anyone with design skills and a computer looking for a new prospect.

Pretty much anybody can use Explaindio Player to make explainer videos to explain a service or product in a more engaging manner
or to help educate students or consumers.

Thousands of people are using Explaindio Player to create videos for Startups, Freelancers, Businesses, App Developers, Marketers,
YouTubers, Live Events and corporate companies.

Alternatives include

Tools that provide cartoon functionality for explainer videos include: VideoScribe VideoFXMaker, GoAnimate, Animated Video Maker,
YDraw, DemoDuck & TruScribe.

How to some Produce Videos with Explaindio Player

Using Explaindio Player video software is easy. Below I am offering a basic step by step but they offer lots of media tutorials on
how to use each feature on their website once you sign up for this training video creator app.

Step 1 Choose which type of video you want to create
You can create various kinds of videos and so the first step is to decide if you want to make a whiteboard media or an animated
slideshow type explainer media.

Depending on whether you are making an animated slideshow or a whiteboard sketch media you will then follow a different process
however lots of the interface will stay similar. Scenes are essentially created by you and add elements like SVG files into the
canvas you’re working on.

We plan to release some video tutorials on how to create the different types of videos available in the near future such as scribe
videos which are another term used for slide show explainers, animations, cartoon presentations and making company videos.

What are Whiteboard Animation Videos?

What’s a Whiteboard Animation VideoWhiteboard animation videos are when you see a blank white background for example and a human
hand using something like a marker pen or pencil starts sketching out.

This synthesises human making a speed drawing media and is one of the best ways used by educators and marketers today to better
explain product or a topic.

The Finest Explainer & Whiteboard Animation Software in 2017?
So you want to find an Explaindio Player review! Our approach to assessing the software for making your whiteboard animations and
explainer videos takes into account flexibility and the quality of the tool, ease of use and cost. In our view, Explaindio Player
with its abundance of user-friendly interface features along with the low cost means it wins hands.

This may change and there are lots of whiteboard animation tools a few tools only do whiteboard and that you could consider the
very best, others only do explainer type media slides.

Explaindio Player does both and while there may be some upgrades and add-on packs to buy to get a full featured media animation
studio it will still end up costing a lot less than some of the other more annual or monthly subscription products.

There are no discountcoupon codes, coupon or coupon codes for Explaindio Player because it’s already heavily discounted and value.

What are the advantages of using this instrument?
The software is installed on your computer rather than so that you don’t need an online connection to use Explaindio Player
operating from the cloud.
Create lots of different Kinds of explainer videos

You can create your own professional looking explainer videos using pre and slides .
Mix in your own media footage for results.
Create motion graphics and animations .

A lot of add on upgrades and packs.
Create educational product review videos.
An tool with low price.

Opportunity to sell Explainer & Whiteboard videos add a service or to create another income source.

So that’s pretty much the gist of the guide to Explaindio Player. The great thing about the tool is the learning curve. You can be
generating high-quality content for prospects, students or your customers to place on Vimeo YouTube, Social Media or simply your
own site to help tell your story in a more interesting manner.

You can create whiteboard and explainer videos and actually stream them as live videos on Facebook Live to get increased reach
since live video is so popular right now. Facebook Live is the best way to get more reach for free so you should try using it.

Difference Between Commercial License & Explaindio Personal?

The business and personal permits for Explaindio Player both contain 800 sketch SVG images, 200 scenes, the software, 100 HD
background videos, 6 3d animated characters, over 300 distinct fonts, and a library of background sound.

The difference with the commercial license is that you can act as an agency selling videos rather than simply using them. The
price is pretty much the exact same so I tend to recommend the commercial license from the start anyway.


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